The album “Falling” is the first studio work of the band duo 23 Corporation.“Falling” is a journey into ourselves from brain to heart, from blood to soul, an unique soundtrack of our status of human being in contact with the earth and the cosmo.

23 Corporation - Falling

1. Into the Blackhole (1:40)
2. Aequilibrium (4:39)
3. Maybe Black Asteroids (3:32)
4. Blue (3:43)
5. Il Mare in Autunno (4:23)
6. Sign of Life (3:34)
7. Remember (3:11)
8. The New Beginning (3:56)

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The original project was created in 2007 by Oni (lead singer). The initial intention was to melt together dark wave, electronic and hard rock to create a balanced mix between melodic and a bit melancholy themes with the impact of rock and modern electronic sounds on a project named Katana Corporation, on 2011 Oni meet Venom(Synth) and asks him to do an electronic project named 23 The Revelation.
In 2012 Rob entered in every Oni's projects as lead guitar, during the later years, various formation changes happened and due to their divergent musical vision, Oni and Rob remaind the only members until 2016 when Venom rejoined the band. They changed the band name to 23 Corporation and they brought back a more electronic style with guitars named EDDR(Electro Dark Dance Rock).


Stefano Sartori - Venom: Keyboard, Synthesizers, Composition
Stefano Sartori "Venom": Keyboard, Synthesizers, Composition
Gianfranco Favotto - Oni: Vocals, Lyrics, Synthesizers, Composition
Gianfranco Favotto "Oni": Vocals, Lyrics, Synthesizers, Composition
Roberto De Simoi  - Rob: Guitars, Oud, Synthesizers, Composition
Roberto De Simoi "Rob": Guitars, Oud, Synthesizers, Composition
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